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Additional Services

New Client Consultation and Questionnaire 

1st Hour FREE with an hourly rate of $55 starting after first hour. 

Wardrobe Audit and Style Assessment 

After completing the new client consultation and questionnaire,this is the next step.  This service includes a review and purge of your closet and wardrobe.  This is not a cleaning service.  I will help you sort through garments that no longer fit, are outdated or worn.  We will sort into "keep, donate and discard".  After going over what you have, the next step is determining what to add to create your personalized style.  I spend 4-6 hours with clients completing this service billed at an hourly rate of $55

Personal Shopping

Combine this service with the wardrobe audit and style assessment and it is step two in our process to create and reboot your closet and personal style.  Prior to our shopping trip together, I will complete a pre-shop (additional flat fee of $125) at a retailer based on a stated budget that you will provide at the new client consultation and questionnaire.  I will pull 3-4 outfits complete with accessories to make for a pleasant and effortless shopping experience.  All you have to do is show up and try on clothes.  A typical shopping trip with my clients is anywhere from 4-6 hours billed at an hourly rate of $55.  Another option for this service would be for me to shop for you alone, make purchases and bring them to you.  I also take care of returns.  The hourly rate for this service is also $55, and may include travel fees billed at $25 for services provided outside of Greater Cincinnati area.

To book or for more details, please leave your information below, making sure to state the service in which you are interested.  Please allow 1-2 business days for response.